Philippe Faure-Brac: « Laudun Rhône Wines are sunny and elegant »

I was with Laudun Rhône Wines producers in Paris to meet their wine lovers.

First we met Philippe Faure-Brac at his restaurant ( for a Laudun Rhône wines tasting.

Philippe Faure-Brac is best worldwide sommelier 1992 and ten years ago he joined Bernard Duseigneur in Duseigneur wine estate ( to produce one of the best Laudun Rhône Valley red wine.

Therefore producers proposed him to taste a large range of white en red wine from Laudun at him cellar’s restaurant and to become (what he is already: french and good wines’ ambassador) Laudun Rhône wines’ ambassador. By chance Fabrice Sommier Master of Port and head sommelier at Georges Blanc restaurant ( was there for lunch, so he came to taste Laudun Rhône Wines too!

Philippe Faure-Brac and Fabrice Sommier

Philippe Faure-Brac and Fabrice Sommier

White Wines tasted: 

Croix de Frégère 2012 – Maison Brotte

Terra Vitea 2012 – Laudun Chusclan Vignerons

Sols et Sens 2012 – Vignerons des 4 chemins

Luc Pélaquié 2011 – Domaine Pélaquié

Red Wines tasted:

Les Dolia 2012 – Laudun Chusclan Vignerons

Domaine Les Matassières 2011 – Vignerons des 4 chemins

Excellence 2010 – Château Marjolet

Luc Pélaquié 2010 – Domaine Pélaquié

Domaine Rouvre Saint Leger 2010

Les Lauzes 2007 – Domaine De Pont Le Voy

Domaine Duseigneur 2007 par Philippe Faure-Brac


Both sommeliers agreed to describe Laudun Rhône wines white and red as sunny and elegant.

We decided to have gourmet lunch there with Philippe Faure-Brac company.

Was a splendid idea, our white wines match extraordinary well with the creamy crayfish on opened ravioli, just imagine the creamy texture with the fullness of Laudun white… gorgeous

Then our reds even elegant match well again with the shoulder of wild boar who was smoother than many times because candied.

Philippe Faure-Brac and wines makers

Philippe Faure-Brac and wines makers

After Christmas shopping or afternoon nap! We all went to the National Assembly; here the library in its original style 1838.

National Assembly Library

National Assembly Library

Why the National Assembly? Laudun Mayor : Patrice Prat is also MP and he gifted Laudun Rhône wines producers to co-organised a wine tasting cocktail in the National Assembly reception room.

With more than sixty guests, Luc Pelaquie, president of Laudun wine’s producers Union and owner of Pelaquie wine estate ( started presenting an overview of Laudun Rhône Wines. Then Luc Pelaquie let Philippe Faure-Brac speaking. He presented and enhanced the sensorial analysis of Laudun Wines to the audience. Then MP and Mayor, Patrice Prat, our host, finished by announcing his satisfaction to give the opportunity to Laudun Rhône wines’ producers to promote their wine this evening.

Luc pelaquie, Patrice Prat and Philippe Faure-Brac

Luc pelaquie, Patrice Prat and Philippe Faure-Brac

We had a quality audience made with MP, President of Parliament, President of “Vin et Societe”, wine journalists…

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